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We Love Our Luxury Soy Candles...

We Love Our Luxury Soy Candles...

Our mission @ Pamper by Post is to carefully select only the best products for our valued customers. In doing so, we are super proud that we have sourced these amazing candles that are hand poured using the highest quality and purest Soy/Coconut wax blend on the market and the wicks are made from 100% cotton, braided and lead free with 25 hour burning time.

Did you know that most modern candles (not ours) are made from Paraffin wax which is made from petroleum a by-product of making gasoline, along with synthetic wicks, yuck. These by-products and synthetic wicks are said not to be the best option and can release soot into your home when burning.

On that note, not only did we want to source the best candles we could find to add to our amazing Pamper Boxes, we also Love supporting other like-minded local businesses and Australian made products. We are excited to partner with our locally sourced candle Girl, Jane, who has been perfecting her candle making for over 10 years now. So you can rest assured that Jane is supplying us with top quality natural candles for you to enjoy.

Our beautiful lingering scents include Coconut + Lime, Very Vanilla, Black Raspberry + Vanilla, Pink Champagne, Pink Champagne + Passion fruit and French Pear and come in three different options, 2oz tin with lid, a 150ml glass jar with lid and a 150ml jar, lid and box with ribbon.

Now the only thing to do is choose your favourite Pamper Box and enjoy your amazing candles.

We love Pampering our customers and know that you will love your beautiful fragrant candles when it comes time to relax.

Love and Candlelight xx